Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Letter to the 2016 Candidates

Open letter to the 2016 presidential candidates.

We the People are voting today. I'm not sure how it's going to turn out, but one thing is certain. We the People are tired of how things have been going, not just the last eight years, but for a good deal longer.
Neither of you should confuse voting our party with support for you as the candidate. There are plenty of people smart enough to know that any third party candidate in this cycle doesn't have the national presence to get remotely close to 270, thereby making it a vote for neither of you, which in many cases is exactly what those voters are trying to communicate to the D.C. establishment.
When the Wikileaks email bombshells dropped, it only confirmed our suspicions, Hillary, that you're a criminal with deep ties throughout the political establishment.
When video came out with you saying some very inappropriate things, it confirmed suspicions of crassness, Donald.
Regardless, the vast majority of Americans will be voting for one of you. Each of you have faults and a history that people on both sides of the aisle are not comfortable with.
Whichever of you wins, the big take-away you should take from this election is that we're watching you. We're plugged in. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore.
Mr. Trump, I pray you win. I believe that, while I'm not one hundred percent sure if you're the conservative you portray yourself as, it's also quite possible you are. I have defended you in countless conversations. You're a billionaire with 500+ businesses around the world that is a multi-billion dollar a year empire. You don't get to that place by being a bull in a china shop, as the media has tried to define you. You get there through diplomacy. Your choice of Mr. Pence and how you've been vocal on being pro-life, pro-gun and pro-business have encouraged me. You, sir, get my vote and the votes of millions of others as a result. I pray you follow through with what you've stated, should you win.
Mrs. Clinton, I don't believe anything you say. Your track record shows you're either a liar or complete inept, and I suspect it is the former. You asked if the questioner meant wiping your email server, "like with a cloth" proves my previous statement. You say you're for women and children, but you have no support of fact for those statements by way of tangible accomplishments. You admitted to having both a public and private political position (and then tried to blame that on Lincoln in the debate...really?). That alone shows We the People you're lying to us, willing to say whatever you need to so you can get elected. You did such shady business between as Secretary of State that no one believes you are out for We the People. You stranded Americans in #benghazi who were killed because you, as Secretary of State, wouldn't allow Americans at a CIA annex to go help. I will wonder, until it comes out, what you were covering up there. Something very questionable seems to have gone on with your emails. Though We the People acknowledge we won't every likely know the depth of that situation, but the situation stinks.

Don't confuse this as an anti-woman position. Your policies and plans suck.

Should you win, I don't believe it will have been legitimately. We the People, regardless of how things turn out are quite skeptical now of the generally rigged system. By rigged, we mean the leftist democrat media complex. When the media does your bidding, it's an uphill battle for any outsider, even a billionaire. When you add into the mix the fact that George Soros has a dog in the fight globally, domestically and has either ownership or influence by being on the board of a company (or companies) that own voting machines used here in the U.S., it's really impossible to see any election as fraud-free. When it comes out that dead people and democrats are found voting for democrat candidates, it's hard to see any election as fraud-free, but specifically your party.
If you win, my business will thrive, in spite of you, Mrs. Clinton.
If you win, my business will thrive, in spite of you too, Mr. Trump.
It's time for the game to change. I intend to help that process in any way God gives me the strength, wisdom and resources to do so.