Friday, February 5, 2016

Still Crazy After All These Years

By all appearances, Bernie Sanders is the twin brother of Doc Brown, separated at birth.  While that's not (likely) true, it's funny.

What's not funny are Bernie's ideas.  Seriously.  Do the math.  If you taxed the rich, all those earning $250,000 and up, at a rate of 100% (yes, like ALL of their money), you still wouldn't have enough money to cover his plan.  In fact, you couldn't cover it if you taxed the entire country at a rate of 100%.  That's the reason he's saying he's going to increase taxes by $13.6T (that's T for TRILLION).  News flash, kids.  If we're $16T in debt now, we're only making our problems worse with his plan.

So, in 240 years, we'll have gone from zero debt to over $16T during Obama's presidency.  Here's a quick look at our rapidly increasing debt by both parties:

In another ten years, Komrad Sanders wants to increase our debt to over $30T.  Never mind that there's nothing his plan, much less his math.  That number is so unsustainable, we'll crumble financially as a country.  Think Greece...only probably worse.

We're still crazy after all these years of Clinton, Bush and Obama spending if we keep electing those in the political establishment from both parties.  They're not slowing down the spending.  They're making it worse through every election through government subsidies of more nonsense than you can imagine. 

On a related note, this is why Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus against Trump and against Establishment RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).  He won against establishment candidates including Jeb Bush and others while proposing an end to ethanol subsidies in Iowa...all while a Republican establishment 6-term Republican governor told Iowans not to vote for Cruz.  He won anyway because Iowans understand that eliminating government subsidies (and by extension, our debt) levels the playing field in business and the government no longer picks the winners and losers in business.

It's a safe bet that Komrad Sanders has never read the book, Atlas Shrugged.  For those of you in the know, you know what'll happen.  The producers (those who own and run companies) will simply abandon their operations...or shrug.  When you get taxed at such a high rate that it no longer makes any logical sense to do what you do, you leave.  You shrug.  

The appeal Komrad Sanders has to young people is astoundingly disturbing, yet understandable. recently posted a video that showed a bunch of college kids at Texas Tech University being asked the questions below.  Here's the punch to the gut - these kids were only able to answer the last three questions, except for one girl who guessed the right answer to one question, and you could tell it was a guess.  Watch it here, kids.  Warning, if you have any love for our country, this video is going to bother you. 

1 - Who won the Civil War?
2 - Who was in the Civil War?
3 - Who is the Vice President?
4 - Who did we gain our independence from?
5 - What show is Snooki on?
6 - Who is Brad Pitt married to?
7 - Who was Brad Pitt married to?

Here's the punch to the gut - these kids were only able to answer the last three questions.  Yep.  Only one girl guessed the right answer to one question, but you could tell it was a guess.  Watch it here, kids.  Warning, if you have any care for our country, this video is going to bother you.  

So, when you look at how our education system has been dumbed down to where college kids don't know who was in the Civil War, who won it, who our Vice President is or who we gained our independence from, it can't be surprising the Bernie Sanders is doing well with them.  They know more about reality TV and movie stars than they do their country.  

Here are two crazy men.  Both have wild hair, crazy ideas and neither live in reality.  But with what we saw in that video, Komrad Sanders could probably tell these college kids that Back to the Future was a documentary film on the DeLorean time machine built back in 1985...and they'd believe it.  

Go make a difference in your communities.  Educate people...with useful information.  Keep a foot in pop culture for relevancy's sake, but don't dive in so deep that you leave reality.

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