Monday, August 24, 2015

Can A Church Sermon Help Separate The GOP Field?

Pop Culture Libertarianism vs. Actual Conservatism

The perspective our Founders had was that our liberty was based on a moral code understood by and agreed on by population. Hence the following from the Declaration:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Those Rights, the liberty we sought, were based on the mass of the population being in agreement of certain generalities of their faith. Though not all back then were Christians, most considered themselves to be such and would agree that the liberties sought were based on the moral code of Christianity.  The Bill of Rights, those endowed by our Creator, were not anticipated to start trumping another's rights because of that moral code.

On that note, a great video to watch is here from Andy Stanley at North Point in Alpharetta, GA. It just might be the thing to help you figure out which candidate is really the best. Warning, you'll need to remove your filter for the duration of the video. But, it's worth it.

To your question, the reason I support Sen. Ted Cruz for President over Paul is that Paul isn't basing his version of libertarianism on any specific moral code, but more so a civil libertarianism or a general "hey if it doesn't hurt you, you shouldn't worry about it, bro" sort of philosophy. At least, that's what I've concluded from what I've read. I don't agree with where he's reached out to prog-Dems like Cory Booker, but that's another post entirely. Cruz's positions are based more on the moral code of Christianity.

The only thing that appears to be "missing" from Cruz's resume is that he hasn't been a Governor. As a general rule, I believe a former Governor is better qualified as POTUS. That doesn't mean I don't think a United States Senator isn't qualified, I just think a former Governor has a slight edge as essentially the CEO or President of a state. I haven't been able to spend as much time reading up on Walker as I'd like (yet), but I will. From the standpoint of liberty, true conservatism and such, it's the only thing he's got over Sen. Ted Cruz.

It comes down to pop culture libertarianism versus actual conservatism. Sen. Rand Paul wants to play nice with progressives and come up with common ground (read: professional politician). Sen. Ted Cruz basically stood his ground on principle with no backup on the floor of Congress for conservatism that is both common sense and based in his faith as a Christian.

Sen. Ted Cruz has my vote.

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