Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Man Giving Away $1,000 in Mall of America Gets Busted

First, watch the video here of Serge Vorobyov tossing $1,000 into the Mall of America rotunda.  

No evidence of a mob rush and people getting tackled.  How could this going to hold up in court?  If it does, it will be legislating from the bench to make an example out of Serge Vorobyov to force the community into citizen compliance at the whim of the court.  If you're going to follow the statist mindset put out here by these communist media idiots at the local CBS affiliate after such a dumb move by Mall of America, there's a logical trail of thought that can get you there.  However, you have to abandon all reason, logic, intelligence and common sense...all of it.

Capitalism must end.  This insanity of throwing $1,000 into the rotunda provides proof of it.  There is a great case for inciting disorderly conduct by the manufacturers of all retail goods.  Since many businesses work hard to get to Black Friday, which by the way is so racially insensitive to blacks it should be changed to Strategic Targeted Uptick for Positive Increase Day, or STUPID for short (thank you Al Sharpton for the idea).  The retailers who sell said goods at such low prices on STUPID, causing the mindless masses to enter into wrestling matches over said items, should also be arrested and charged with multiple counts of inciting disorderly conduct.  This position can be made by the repeated occurrences of chaos and mayhem every STUPID.  The solution, clearly, is ending capitalism worldwide.  

You don't have the mental capacity to run a business without regulation.  Shut your company down or obey government regulation. We will more than likely force you to stay open so that a fair trade tax can be assessed across all similar businesses, thereby leveling the playing field.  This will have zero impact on your actual business because it is a business tax that will be deemed illegal to pass along to consumers, but that is irrelevant to you. This is for the greater good.

You don't have the mental capacity to shop, behave like mature adults.  Walk home or take government transportation.  Your fossil fuel vehicles will be disposed of this week by the Department of Urban Movement Betterment.  The mall will be closed for your own good, shortly.  If it is left open, it will be with heavy regulation to ensure behavioral standards that serve the greater good.

You will now all accept government provided food.  Since it is not fair that some less fortunate people are unable to buy steak and lobster meals when they choose.  So, steak and lobster and all other similar luxury food items are now banned.  Everyone will get an equal share of potatoes, genetically modified chicken-like product and genetically modified corn-like products.  These genetically modified products are done so to ensure mass production for all people.  The contents have been deemed acceptable by your government.  This is done for the greater good.

You will not question why those burdened with the responsibility of regulating your business, providing your housing and food will be permitted exemption from those rules.  It is the least you can do to express gratitude to them.  Carry on, citizen.  Remember, to obey is good and to resist is futile.  We are government and we legion.

Yes, people.  This is satire.  It sounds completely ridiculous, but this is how the communists in the democrat media complex think.  Clearly, Serge was trying to have a positive impact on several people's lives.  He should not be beholden to others in how he accomplishes this and these little toadies at the local CBS station should stick to reporting news instead of editorializing it.  But, we all know that's now how statist media works.

The smart mall managers across the country would be wise to take a cue from Serge by putting him on a national tour to do a money drop every day from the top story of each mall during a performance of "Let It Snow."  Men like Serge want to have a positive impact on their community.  His actions prove it.  Mall managers like Rich Hoge at Mall of America don't need to encourage excessive reactions like this by their security guards.  This could have been a great PR opportunity for them.  Mall of America's PR person Dan Jasper should be chastised for not coming up with this idea on his own.

The entrepreneurial Canadian family and owners of Triple Five Group, which owns Mall of America, should question GM Rich Hoge's decision to have the situation handled this way by his staff, thereby creating this PR nightmare.  The mismanagement of something like this is not likely how the builders of American Dream Meadowlands in New Jersey would prefer to make headlines.

No one wants to end up as a negative DrudgeReport headline.

Matt Drudge leaves stories like this running long just to make a point.  The decision was excessive and normal people everywhere know it, or it wouldn't still be a headline on Drudge.  

If Mall of America is like most malls during the Christmas season, they stick a guy in a Santa suit in one end of the mall, have kids take pictures while the kids ask for a present, which this guy won't be providing.  Serge, on the other hand, gave away actual money - and he's the guy that gets in trouble.  You just can't make up this kind of nonsense.

Show your support of Serge and his efforts to do something good by calling the mall.  Flood them with phone calls at 952-883-8800, then bombard the Mall of America Facebook page and Mall of American Twitter page.  Let them know you Support Serge!

Want to reach out to them directly?  Here you go...

Dan Jasper, Public Relations - djasper@mallofamerica.com - 952.883.8829
Rich Hoge, General Manager - rhoge@mallofamerica.com - 952.883.8800

Serge - just an average guy in Minnesota trying to provide a good life for himself...and gets penalized for it by the toadies at Mall of America. 

America - we are better than this.  

Love God.  Love people.  Stand for liberty.  Fight tyranny.
Encourage others to do the same.

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